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Embassy, DTI Tokyo, PCA Promote PH Coconut Products in Japan, Theme Tree of Life Thats Environment Friendly
January 09, 2015

Embassy, DTI Tokyo, PCA Promote PH Coconut Products in Japan, Theme Tree of Life Thats Environment Friendly

06 November 2014 The Philippine Embassy, Office of Trade and Investment Tokyo and the Philippine Coconut Authority launched a promotional campaign for the export to Japan of Philippine coconut products emphasizing that the coconut is the tree of life that is environment friendly.

In remarks at the opening of the Coconut Promotion Seminar held at the Embassy (photo below), Amb. Manuel M. Lopez said the Philippines dominates the world as one of the biggest, if not the biggest supplier of coconuts. With coconut known as the tree of life and the source of many Philippine products such as world famous virgin coconut oil, coconut water and coconut fiber, the Ambassador stressed that: In the Philippines, especially in rural communities, one coconut tree in the backyard can be so empowering. A coconut tree symbolizes hope that this tree will give your family nutrition, shelter, and other material benefits. (Click here for the remarks of the Ambassador)

The Office of Trade and Investment Tokyo (DTI) and the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) in coordination with the Embassy organized the seminar which was attended by 97 Japanese importers/buyers of coconut products, manufacturers, ptissieri, restaurateur, and cuisine journalists.

PCA Administrator Romulo N. Arancon, Jr. (photo, left) briefed the seminar participants on Philippine production and export of coconut products all over the world including Japan. He pointed out that every part of the coconut tree and nuts is the source of many products such as the most popular extra virgin coconut oil and coconut water with tender coconut meat, cooking oil, certified organic coco products, coconut flour, personal care products such as the new Laurin, dessicated coconut, activated carbon from coconut shells, coco coir/nets/mats, household and kitchen wares from the coconut wood/shell and coco food products such as coconut sugar for diabetics, coco butter, coco chocolate, etc., samples of which were displayed during the seminar (photo above, right) There is a great awareness of the health benefits of coconut especially for anti-aging and the prevention of alzheimers disease, Administrator Arancon said, adding that the processing of the coconut tree is environment friendly because 100 percent of the tree produces many products.

Mr. Kousuke Azuma, Vice President/Coconutist, Cocowell Corporation (photo right), discussed the process for the production of extra virgin and virgin coconut oil stressing their health benefits. Cocowell Corp. is a major importer of Philippine virgin coconut oil (photo below, right) and is involved in various civil projects in coconut farming communities in the provinces that aims to improve the quality of the trees and increase the production by the farmers. Key executives of Cocowell studied in the Philippines on coconut plantation and processing and have worked with the farming communities by giving financial support and technical assistance.

Mr. Isao Nakagawa, President of Aquacocos Japan Co., Ltd. (photo left) also discussed with the seminar participants their signature product in Japan the Aqua Cocos or coconut water as the best liquid for rehydration especially for athletes.

Ms. Yoko Uchida of the Hilot Theraphy School (photo below) informed the participants of the hilot or body massage using coconut oil for its healing power or theraphy and for skin care.

Pastry products also gained much interest among the guests with Ms. Kaori Yoshihara, CEO, Coconuts Dream (photo below) explaining the many uses of coconut oil and coconut flour that have attracted the interest of patisseries and restaurant owners. She showed samples of her coconut cakes, cookies, chocolates, biscuits and crumbles, pointing out that with coconut there is no need for too much sugar or butter in cakes or pastries.

The highlight of the Philippine Coconut Promotion Seminar was the luncheon/food sampling by the participants (photo below) with the menu prepared by Chef Hidenori Ishirara of Onedish Catering & Foodesign (photo below, right, center standing) with dishes such as soup made of coconut milk and virgin coconut oil, fish cooked in coconut oil, coconut/banana bread, coco salad, and cocochocolate dessert, which were tasted by Amb. Lopez, Administrator Aranco, Deputy Chief of Mission Gilberto Asuque and Special Trade Representative Ms. Dita Angara-Mathay (photo, right)

A special guest of the seminar was Mr. Alexander Grice Thane Camus of the Coconut Company (photo left), an American who has lived in Japan for over 30 years, speaks Japanese and is a popular television host known as Mr. Coconut. Mr. Camus has a passion for the coconut tree and its products endorsing their health and therapeutic benefits to the Japanese audience.